Settle 2021

  • Region/ Country: Kerala, India

  • Year: 2021

  • Co-Promoters: MKMS and Co-operative School of Law

  • Partners: Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala State Mediation and Conciliation Centre (High Court of Kerala), Bar Council of Kerala and Confederation of Indian Industry.

  • Project Details:

    • Settle 2021 is a mediation promotion campaign that aims (a) to generate wider interest in, and acceptance of, mediation as a dispute resolution tool in Kerala, and (b) to equip professionals and emerging professionals with knowledge and skills to take an active role in mediation.

    • Settle 2021 consisted of a series of over 30 independent events, with 4 international panel discussions, 2 workshops and awareness sessions for 20+ selected organizations across Kerala including law schools, professional associations and trade bodies.

    • Settle 2021, which ran from 1 March through 31 March 2021 (with some events spilling over to May-June 2021), is the biggest and the longest online gathering yet in Kerala legal history.